Am I Entitled To A No Win No Fee Based Personal Injury Claim?

Being the victim of an accident and suffering from the injuries both physical and financial do make a person entitled to a no win no fee based personal injury claim. These claims are a channel through which the claimants get a chance to win a compensation that is supposed to be a monetary relief and that is being charged from the responsible and the guilty party. But in the first place, it is very necessary to know the meaning and the explanation of the no win no fee based claims.

No win no fee based claims are those types of claims where the claimant is not required even to spend a penny whether the case is won by him or it is lost to him. It means that the claimant is not supposed to spend even a penny in both the cases if his claim case is to be filed on the no win no fee basis. There are many lawyers practicing in the realm of personal injury cases, who offer their specialized services on no win no fee basis. It does not mean that these lawyers do this on the humanitarian grounds and receive nothing for their services. In reality they get to be paid in both the cases whether the case is won or lost; in case of winning by the third party insurers and in case of losing, by the claimant’s insurance polices.

You can be entitled to a no win no fee base claim if you happen to be the victim of an accident. You have to make this sure that the accident has happened due to the fault of the other person involved in that accident. You will have to prove that you have been the recipient of an injury that can both be physical and financial. You need to go through a medical examination in case of receiving physical injury so that the lawyer should believe your report. After these steps, you are to contact that lawyer who offers his service for the personal injury cases on no win no fee basis. You are to share every detail related to the accident with that lawyer so that he can analyze all the facts to determine whether you have a strong case or not.

Another thing that is to be kept in mind that all the personal injury cases are not to be filed on no win no fee basis. And the lawyers also guide the claimants in this regard. They let the claimants know if the case is to be filed on this base. Usually the road accidents, workplace injuries and incidents of slips, trips and falls are being filed under the caption of no win no fee.

So, in case you have suffered an injury that is a result of that accident which has happened due to the fault of another person, you become entitled to a no win no fee based claim though it is to be decided by the specialist personal injury lawyer offering his services on this base.

The contents of the article are provided for informational and educational purposes only and are not intended for a legal advice.

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